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Govanhill. Second Edition. Pre-order.

Govanhill. Second Edition. Pre-order.

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The Second Edition of Simon Murphy's debut book GOVANHILL.

After the first Edition being a massive success and getting sold out so quickly, we are proud to announce the Second Edition of Govanhill.

Simon Murphy’s stunning portrayal of this lively and ever changing neighbourhood beautifully manages to capture the variety and vibrancy of a whole suburb, while simultaneously creating piercingly honest portraits of the residence, that touch the heart of the viewers.

Murphy’s’ portraits captivate with an elegant and elaborate appeal, which contrast the scenery of the back alleys and streetcorners where they were taken.

The intimacy and honesty he manages to transport through his Photos, reveal the connections and trust formed between him and his subjects. As a Govanhill resident himself, he wonderfully embodies a serene feeling of community and coherency.

In black and white, analogue photographs, with an almost vintage-like appeal, the touching, thrilling and multi-layered fairy tale of Govanhill is told, in a book like no other and with a take on street photography, unmatched.

An incredibly tender and high-quality composition of photography, an enthralling story and a beautiful book of contemporary photography.

This Edition will be printed and bound in Belgium.

Pre-orders will receive a Signed Print. (The signed prints are numbered 1 to 200 and matching the book number).


ISBN: 978-0-9574145-9-4
FORMAT: 20x 27cm
PAPER: Munken Lynx 150gsm SIXFOLD: Nevia soft 115gsm.
CLOTH BAND and Hot-stamped titles
WORDS: Laura Estelle Barmwoldt
All copies manually numbered with stamp. Limited Edition of 600 copies. Launch: May 2024.

Please note: Orders from the UK will be fulfilled and sent within the UK.  While orders for Europe and Rest of the World will be shipped from Germany.

You can purchase up to three copies per person. (Only 200 copies available for pre-orders).

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